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Our Leaders

Sachin Sharma


Sachin Sharma is a core technology leader with international level compliance expertise. He has spent 20+ years in BFSI industry in international market. Innovative and pubic speaker for global events. Sachin is a excellent technology enabler for any business.

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Vinod Kumar


Vinod Kumar is a technology expert and entrepreneur. He has 40+ years of experience as a business person. He is experienced, confident and capable to drive the technology business.

Nisha Sharma


Nisha Sharma is experienced in multi technologies and administration. She is passionate, innovative and entrepreneur. She has 15+ years of experience as a engineer in application monitoring.

Our Mentors

Mr. Ramesh Kumar

Ex. ICICI Bank IT Leader

Mr. Ramesh Kumar is a technology leader with 35+ years of experience in industry.  He spent 20+ years in BFSI and achieved multiple goals with market lead banks. He has excellent knowledge and experience in technology adoption and enablement.

Mr. Anwar Sadat

Business Development – IT Company: Oman Computer Services (OCS Infotech)

Mr. Anwar Sadat has 18+ years of experience in international market. He has excellent knowledge on technology solutions and understanding on business processes. Anwar is a technology enabler for their customers

Mr. Shinaj Karuwath

Founder – Director Company: Principle Business Consultants

Mr. Shinaj Karuwath has 20+ years of experience in compliance and audits. He is a good mentor with excellent knowledge on compliance ISO audits.

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