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Our Leaders

Sachin Sharma


Sachin Sharma is a core technology leader with international level compliance expertise. He has spent 20+ years in BFSI industry in international market. Innovative and pubic speaker for global events. Sachin is a excellent technology enabler for any business.

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Nisha Sharma


Nisha Sharma is experienced in multi technologies and administration. She is passionate, innovative and entrepreneur. She has 15+ years of experience in  industry with compliance expertise.

Our Mentors

Mr. Ramesh Kumar

Ex. ICICI Bank IT Leader

Mr. Ramesh Kumar is a technology leader with 35+ years of experience in industry.  He spent 20+ years in BFSI and achieved multiple goals with market lead banks. He has excellent knowledge and experience in technology adoption and enablement.

Mr. Anwar Sadat

Business Development – IT Company: Oman Computer Services (OCS Infotech)

Mr. Anwar Sadat has 18+ years of experience in international market. He has excellent knowledge on technology solutions and understanding on business processes. Anwar is a technology enabler for their customers

Mr. Shinaj Karuwath

Founder – Director Company: Principle Business Consultants

Mr. Shinaj Karuwath has 20+ years of experience in compliance and audits. He is a good mentor with excellent knowledge on compliance ISO audits.

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